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anything really

2008-02-03 06:48:47 by jigslot

ok so its late and im working on my newest pile of regurgitated seahorse manure so i decided to lay off the "music" and get down to some randomness tht im so famously known for around my small circle of friends. god its boring in wellington at times here i am with all u guys listening in on me and i can only yawn internet stalking just isnt what it used to be really there was a time when the guy called "inches-von-penis" just rocked up at ur door step but not anymore. he decides to read this first to get to know me better well i got news for u punk. im not tht stupid i left my brain on the bench to type this so ur not getting into my head. although theres plenty of room i guess. anyway i have a question tht i want asked by 1 of u americans out there. caution im looking for an american tht can find america on a map!!
the question is: if pro means good and con means bad then progress is good right? so whats congress?


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